Revival Massage Therapy
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Sam Maynard
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I am an ITEC QCF Level 3 qualifed massage therapist who specialises in Deep Tissue, Sports and Swedish massage treatments.
Massage is such an effective way to keep your body in optimum condition. We can live such stressful lives, whether it be work or through exercise  both can cause our muscles to become tight and tense causing many different conditions to develop. Massage is a great way to help revive those tired muscles.  
I'm  based in Yeovil, Somerset.
Please feel free to contact me for more details or to book an appointment. Thank you.
Bianca D Testimonial: 

I had my first massage with Sam last week, it was fantastic. I have been to many massage therapists before and I can say honestly this was the most effect one I've ever had. I have a manual job as an aircraft engineer, my sports include skeleton Bobsleigh and powerlifting which are very demanding on my body. Thank you Sam for sorting my back neck and shoulders out.

Kay V Testimonial

I have been having treatment with Sam for about four weeks now and I am really seeing the benefits. After around 30 years of chronic back problems and various treatments, deep tissue massage is seeming to be the only thing that is giving me relief.
Before treatment, my back and neck muscles were extremely tight making movement painful and causing tension headaches. It was also impossible to get a good nights sleep without waking constantly to change position. However, within 24 hours of my treatment I had my first full nights sleep in ages and that alone was amazing! I find my back is much more relaxed and therefore less achy and painful. Also, since having my neck treated, I haven't had the horrendous tension headaches that I was getting. I can honestly say that the treatment is having a really positive impact on my whole general well being. Sam always works within my pain theshold. He is considerate and always respectful.
I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

Sarah S Testimonial:

Myself and my husband were recommended by our physiotherapist to have a deep tissue massage before the London marathon. We found Sam in Yeovil and he was extremely helpful in fact my husband was able to see Sam that same day, we both visited 4-5 times after this and we both found Sam to always be on time and worked on us both in a very professional manner. The treatment was fantastic and it got us through the marathon. We would not hesitate in using Sam's skills again.

Gareth N Testimonial:

I certainly have felt an improvement, to the point that I was able to run the marathon on Sunday with no pain or discomfort in my lower back. Thank you very much.

Tom R Testimonial:

I found Sam wanted to get to the root of my struggles by asking me a series of questions to make sure he was getting to the root of the issue. I play international hockey and so have quite a lot of struggle with my muscles sometime and Sam's massage really helped my muscle recovery to reach my pitch with any runs or gyms sessions I had next. I would highly recommend his work!

Emma K Testimonial:

I booked in for a deep tissue massage with Sam, after regularly having back, neck and shoulder aches and pains at the end of the day and when sitting. These problems are significantly improved, after just a few sessions, and I will be booking in again in the future, when the use of my laptop takes it toll again! As a Chartered Physiotherapist I looked for someone with a recognised massage qualification such as Sam has. It was good to see his thorough and holistic pre-treatment health checklist, which considers the safety of the client, as well as enabling him to offer advice on healthier lifestyle choices.
Sam clearly has a detailed knowledge of his muscle anatomy and can identify problem areas with ease. He has a wide range of treatment techniques and excellent soft tissue skills, communicating with you throughout and making adjustments to the massage as necessary. I have confidently recommended him to friends and colleagues and will continue to do so. Great massage, thanks! 

​James T Testimonial:

'I had a deep tissue massage on my shoulders and arms from Sam recently and all I can say is I had no idea how much tension and stress had built up in my arms! Sam really worked hard to get rid of the tension, he really listened to my requirements especially on levels of massage pressure and where the areas needed extra work. I had 2 deep tissue massages from Sam and both times came away feeling so much more relaxed! It was definitely noticeable! If I had my way I would have this every day! Thanks Sam!'
Jamie B Testimonial: 

I had 3 sports massage treatments with Sam after I had injured my calf muscle in my leg playing football. After the treatments I was back playing football again very quickly and I had no more problems with my calf muscles for the rest of the season which was very unusual for me. Sam really listened well to know the correct level of pressure that I could manage as the sports massage was being done. 
Sam was also very helpful in advising me of some stretches which I feel helped speed up the healing process. 

Kevin D Testimonial: 

Having started running again after a 25 year lay off ( age 49) I have found Sam to be invaluable in keeping my body and muscles loose and revitalised along with any niggling injuries I pick along the way and I run 30 miles per week and have done 5 half marathons this year. - i visit sam approx twice a month he is absolutely professional in every way and always tries to accommodate me at late notice even with a busy schedule. Sam is great at keeping you injury free as well as helping you with existing injuries.

Katie B Testimonial: 

Sam was excellent and sorted out my headaches which I had been getting due to muscle tension. I recommended him to my Husband who also found the treatment very thorough and beneficial. We both would definitely recommend him!

Sophie S Testimonial:

I've had two sports massage treatments with Sam now after an injured hamstring and it has really helped with the recovery. Very good communication throughout the treatment and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for this treatment!

India C Testimonial:

I wish I could see Sam every week. He is amazing at what he does, and communicates and makes you feel at ease at all times. Most importantly he listens to you and your body so you can get the most out of your session. I leave feeling like a new person every time. Thank you Sam.

Rachel B Testimonial:

After a couple of months of shoulder and knee pain I contacted Sam to find out if this was something he could help me with and what he'd recommend. Sam recommended a sports massage to relieve the tension in my shoulders and relax my knee. Sam has now been working with me for a few sessions now and I say 'working’ as there’s plenty of tension to release! After years of poor posture from being tall, sitting incorrectly at a computer screen for work and general stresses of life there's a lot of tension! So I’m more than happy to recommend Sam, he’s professional, brilliant at his job and worth the time he’s with you. Now to help with his work all I need to do is to keep my shoulders down!

Heidi W Testimonial:

The treatment I had from Sam was fantastic and provided instant relief.